We will reply to any reports regarding a problem within a few hours and will do our best to help you resolve it. In order to ensure quick action, we will first offer you a set of instructions. If this fails, we will help you resolve the problem in person as soon as within 24 hours. We know that maintaining production capacity is essential.

From contract signature through design, procurement, assembly, programing and testing, the average manufacturing time is between 10-16 weeks depending on the machine’s intricacy and complexity.

Yes, however domestic companies are our primary market. In certain cases, however we will not turn away business from abroad. We’ve worked with abroad in the past (Switzerland, Austria).

We know that certain things only became apparent when things are already underway. During the process we will offer several opportunities for making observations which we will continuously consider. Without the client’s approval of our plans, we will not begin manufacturing. If, however your needs are drastically different from your original intention then we will offer you a complementary offer or after settling the work we have done already, we will move on from here together. We will remain partners.

Yes. We will create the full range of documentation and risk assessment so as producers we ensure the requirements for the CE marking standard.

We will ensure both the transport and protective packaging of the product. If possible, we will also gladly take part in the preparations on site preceding installation and will also help unpack the product.

We provide a full range of documents for our machines which contain every important piece of information for operation and maintenance. In addition, we will also provide blueprints for spare parts, circuit diagrams, article numbers for commercial articles and their sources of procurement. Naturally all documents regarding the CE qualification will also be available.

In addition to the one year minimum legally required we can also provide a longer-term warranty as well as a production output guarantee. In case of a production output guarantee we will guarantee that the machinery be production ready during the appropriate cycle. We build lasting and reliable machines.

Yes, but only when we understand the original design goals well enough and we are sure that we can handle the project. However, when drastically overhauling a machine, we often find that it isn’t that much more expensive just to build a new one…

Yes. We operate a MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified by Marton Szakértő Iroda. Our certificate number is 9197896.

Yes. We possess a UNIQA Engineering Design and Implementation liability insurance which also extends to the activities of our subcontractors.

Based on the international financial evaluation of Bisnode, our company is classified as AAA which means that the financial risk of a business relationship with us is exceedingly low. This grade is only attained by 0,63 percent of companies in Hungary. We monitor solvency and will not take on jobs we will not be able to handle.

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