Our special purpose machines

We design and manufacture unique personalized equipment suited to the production needs of our clients in the area of mass-production. We optimize our engineering solutions based on target production indicators and criteria that ensures durable and safe operation.

Based on the expected automatization level, our products are primarily semi-automatic and fully automatic machineries, robotic and kobotic assembly-manufacturing cells, as well as modern manual workstations.

Our machines possess their own controls and communicate with their operators and environment in an interactive manner.

We strive on creating high reliability, high availability, cost effective production tools. Special purpose machines are manufactured by relying on modular construction, the integrated use of diverse technological palette and their practical combination.

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Szerelés automatizálás CélgépCentrum

Assembly automation

- Bolting: automatic and semi-automatic
- Pressing, filling
- Marking technique: Dot pin marking and laser engraving, labelling
- Gluing, welding, soldering
- Riveting, orbital riveting

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CélgépCentrum Gyártás Szerelés

Manufacturing equipment

- Making drill holes and threads
- Burr removal
- Follow-up milling procedures
- Cutting procedures
- Cold forming, crimping

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Ellenőrző-tesztelő állomások

Test equipment

- Contact and contactless tests
- Presence and size testing
- Leakage testing
- Torque testing
- Smart camera systems
- Product identifiers
- PokaYoke checkpoint gates

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Special product movement

- Balanced articulated arm movements
- Palletization - Depalletization
- Pick&Place solutions
- Robot-Kobot applications

Based on the number of operational steps, we manufacture single device equipment, multiple position linear or round table applications, or robotics cells. Depending on the task at hand, our automatic equipment may contain various dosing systems, vibrating or pneumatic dosing systems. Naturally, inspections between the various assembly procedures will not be neglected.

Our robotics applications are primarily based on the products of Fanuc, ABB and Yaskawa, but we are happy to integrate products from other companies. Universal Robots is our partner for collaborative workplaces.


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