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Production comes first


We believe that proper special purpose machines can only be created through shared effort and a cooperating team is what brings about success.

Based on the international financial evaluation of Bisnode, our company is classified as AAA which means that the financial risk of a business relationship with us is extremely low. This grade is only attained by 0,63 percent of companies in Hungary. We monitor solvency and will not take on jobs we are not able to handle.

We possess a UNIQA Engineering Design and Implementation liability insurance that offers an external security for our customers should any unexpected technical problems occur after using our machines. Our insurance extends to the activities of our subcontractors and also to the risks involved in installing the machinery.



CélgépCentrum Előkészítés


We will examine the task at hand in detail and gather the necessary requirements to start. In addition to examining technical parameters, we will also examine work safety, ergonomic, manageability and maintenance requirements as well as their feasibility. A key part of preparation is close communication, as our best solutions always integrate local best practices.

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We employ a combination of unique and integrated solutions during planning so that we can take on technical challenges that arise from the unique nature of the situation in an optimal way. We work with cutting edge 3D planning tools, simulation and sizing procedures while also providing continuous feedback. We present our plans at a detailed planning board.

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We will procure the components which we will assemble while providing continuous supervision. We will design the operating system, perform cold tests and then test the modes. Following this we will invite our client’s representatives to view the manufacturing site where we will evaluate the completion level of the machine together and discuss any concerns.

CélgépCentrum Dokumentáció


We provide a full range of documents for our machines which contains every important piece of information for operation. All of our special purpose machines have CE markings.


We will offer strong support until production is confident in its operation. We will not leave our clients to deal with an unknown machinery themselves. We know that you need time to get used to the new functions of new machines, practice how they work so we will offer extensive education to operators so that they learn how to best operate it. We will help the maintenance staff and employees responsible for operating the machine with suggestions and technical support so that the use of the new machine be as smooth as possible.

We are constantly improving on our availability and support capacity both in the areas of remote access and personal presence.

Extra warranty

We know that we build exceptional machines. We are confident in ourselves and the feedback of our clients and thus in addition to legally required warranty, we also provide extra guarantee warranty conditions.

Extended warranty: when a year is simply not enough…

Retention of performance: we will only receive the full purchasing price after the machine has proven effective for a longer period.

Cycle or quantity guarantee: we guarantee support until a certain quantity is produced.

We will offer full range support during the guarantee period in order to maintain functionality as well as quickly and effectively support troubleshooting if necessary.

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